Potterless Podcast

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“A Grown Man Reads Harry Potter For The First Time”



As if that description isn’t enough to get you listening to this podcast! A few weeks back I popped up a requested onto my Instagram for people to send me their favourite book related podcasts. A follower threw me in this direction and I honestly haven’t looked back!


So far I have binge listened to about 37 episodes, after the first episode I was absolutely hooked. The host Michael Schubert brings his Potter crazed friends onto the show as guests and they discuss each chapter in great detail. The best part is how much they pick apart each chapter and go over how ridiculous some of the charms are, how weirdly named magic items are named and how much Quidditch is NOT like an actual sport. There have been episodes where I have been in tears from laughing so hard from cynicism and quidditch hot takes (I am in the same boat on that one trust me!).

If you are after some seriously funny recollections and some awesome hits of childhood nostalgia then this is for you! This podcast deserves to be on everyone’s podcast hitlist. Even if you’re not a Harry Potter fanatic you will still enjoy this hilarious take on the wizardry world!

The Potterless Podcast will also be doing a live recording on August 3rd at Jet City Improv Theater, Seattle WA. So anyone who is able to go should go out and support the show. Tickets will be available soon, so keep an eye out on all social media sites for more information.

And as they always say at Hogwarts after winning the Hogwarts House cup, Wizard on! 


You can find out more about the Potterless Podcast through the following links

Facebook | Website | Instagram | Twitter


Potterless Podcast is also available to listen to on Spotify and iTunes Podcasts (and other podcast listening services)


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