To read V.E. Schwab

To be fair I have only read two books by V.E Schwab, Vicious and This Savage Song, but I am telling you right now, she is hands down my favourite author. I have never had a favourite author, so that’s saying a lot.

Here are five reasons why you should be reading V.E Schwab

World building

There is something so special about the way that Schwab brings you into the worlds that she creates through her books. Even though the cities and places are semi-fictional, they feel real. Schwab manages to bring to life the architecture, atmosphere, and magic of her worlds and it’s amazing.


Artwork by Victo Ngai 



Developing characters and their journeys are so incredibly important for me while reading a book. If your characters are growing or revealing their true selves throughout the story I become bored and the book slowly becomes a chore. The books that I have read that are written by Schwab are very much so character driven and that makes them so much more readable. I am obsessed with Kate from This Savage Song and next month I will be having a month of reading the Schwab books that are on my shelf (Vengeful, ADSOM series and Our Dark Duet).

This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab

Art by: Offbeat Worlds (Etsy)



Let’s face it, Schwab is the queen of creating villains that are dark, dramatic and sometimes I find myself questioning if they really are a villain after all. Which is great in Vicious, I wasn’t too sure if I disliked Eli because he was a villain or just because Victor didn’t like him. There were a lot of internal conflicts going on


Image result for eli ever

Artwork by: Baldsinging


Story telling

So far in the books that I have read, I have been absolutely sucked in and so absorbed that when I have finished reading for the day, the book is all that I can think about. That has to be a true sign of great story telling. Every book/story has lingered way past finishing the story. Every detail is there for a purpose and not just as filler, I really love how everything comes together in the books.



Candles, pillowcases, EXCLUSIVE OWL CRATES… the list goes on and on! V.E Schwab’s books have some of the coolest artwork and products created that are inspired by her work. This month I actually received my Vengeful Owlcrate and the candles are my absolute favourite. I don’t want to burn them, just yet!

Image result for vengeful owlcrate

Photo by: @ammstagramm_





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