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Reasons I’ve become a YA convert

The books are always what they say they are – I love picking up a book, reading the blurb and just knowing that I will enjoy it!

Characters are incredibly relatable – There is never trouble to pinpoint a character that I absolutely see myself in. The authors of YA are fantastic at creating characters that mirror different aspects of my personality. I am sure that is the same with all YA readers!

The covers are so beautiful – this is one MAJOR attribute that attracts me to a YA book. I will literally narrow in on the covers that are colourful or have awesome typography on them.

They make amazing movie adaptations – Love Simon, The DUFF, The Perks of Being A Wallflower and Me Earl and the Dying Girl (I LOVED THAT MOVIE!). Obviously, everyone has their own opinions on book to movie adaptations! Those movies are some of the ones I loved (to be fair I still need to read Simon VS)

The love stories remind me of when I was in high school and had crushes – all love is simple and easy in most of the books that I have read. It’s nice to read as things develop, there’s no uncomfortable romancing or over the top sex scenes that make me feel a little grossed out (I am a huge prude, so sex scenes aren’t my favourite things to read).

Sometimes the plot has amazing twists you’d never guess – they are twists and turns that I would never read in adult contemporary fiction. I really enioy the paths that stories and the characters take. Sometimes it is really refreshing to see an idea that has been adapted for YA.

Situations in the stories are certainly some I have been through myself –  I feel like a lot of the scenarios that YA characters are situations that I have found myself in before. The narrator usually gives some sound resolutions that have made me reflect on the ways that I have handled these situations.

FANTASY FANTASY FANTASY – without all the boring bits, without language and words I don’t understand! I have found a genre within YA that I never thought I would ever read as I thought it would never be accessible to me as an adult.

Good advice is given when you didn’t know you needed it! – Often while reading a book I will nod my head and realise that the advice that the narrator was giving out was something I needed to be told. Little tidbits of advice about being patient or being kind are welcomed and I enjoy reading that in the stories through the lessons that are learned by the characters.

The possibilities are endless – HONESTLY, there are so many possibilities of stories and characters and plots and romances and heartbreak that can be written in the form of a YA novel. I love that there are so many things that can be explored through these stories and it only increases my love for them.




What are some of the reasons that you love YA?  Leave a comment down below! 






7 thoughts on “Reasons I’ve become a YA convert

  1. I agree with you about the covers. They are always so pretty!! It’s like always the first thing that attracts me to them. There are some YA’s that sometimes make me cringe, but for those reasons you listed…those are mine too. The last YA adaptation I saw was Love, Simon. I didn’t expect to actually love the movie lol.

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  2. Honestly, right now, I’m really enamoured with the way that YA authors are bringing REPRESENTATION to the table. Characters with disabilities, characters who speak languages other than English, characters who are LGBTIQ+, characters of every conceivable racial and cultural background… and not just one “token” character in a crew of good ol’ white boys, but entire casts made up of these incredible, rich, complex characters that escape the tropes. It really gives me hope for the future of literature, and the development of empathy in readers. ❤️

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    1. Absolutely agree! I remember when I was younger that the YA on offer was not diverse at all and there was RARELY any representation. It is so amazing to read YA now with the authors bringing so many issues and diverse characters to the foreground of literature. It has helped me develop and understand people more and even at 28 these things are always going to be important to personal development. I am so glad that young readers will be exposed first hand without having experienced the tokenism we would have as young readers

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      1. The only “representation” that I can recall (maybe a faulty memory, but still) is the ONE African-American character, and ONE Native American(? I think?) character in The Babysitter’s Club. I certainly can’t remember encountering any LGBTIQ+ characters until I started reading “grown-up” books. I actually just read a review of Six of Crows that mentioned the main character has a disability, which is AWESOME 👍🏼 I’ve not read it yet but I’m happy stuff like that is out there 😍


  3. You listed some very good reasons, especially the covers (The Red Queen series covers with the different crowns are still my faveeeee)! And yes FANTASY FANTASY FANTASY. As someone who loves worldbuilding, nothing makes me automatically love a book more than a super creative, unique, and well-built world/setting!

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