About Me

August was super messy!

Hello everyone!

First I want to thank all 199 followers of The Eclectiophile! It means so much to me that you have chosen to follow me and interact with me. You have all been so welcoming and I have been so humbled by the blogging and bookish community. So I want to give you all a huge shout out!!!! (excuse all my exclamation marks!).

So, I was really lacking in posts and being active throughout the start of this month. Life got a little messy and stressful and I was trying really hard to stay on top of everything. Besides the fact that my partner Ned has been away for almost 7 weeks (and it’s gotten me down and out a fair few times), we went through a few unnecessary and negative things that affected both of us for a few days. Thank goodness it was a situation that we could tackle together and I appreciate he was able to hang on and be super positive and supportive! So a huge shout out to Ned as well for being my hype man and number one fan!

Life was super busy and work has been getting a little hectic as we head into expo season for the Australian Video Games industry. I also took a trip to Brisbane to visit a good friend and even though I loved my time away, it scaled back my time to get things done, written and published.

I owe you all a massive apology for not being on top of things when I should have scheduled the time. This is my first big lesson in being organised and learning to prepare for times when things are a little hectic and I end up frazzled. However I am back! And better than ever. I plan on doing some unboxing videos over the next few weeks (if I can figure out how to film on my camera!) and I look forward to creating some content that is a little different.

Thanks for hanging around!


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