INTERNMENT by Samira Ahmed


Today Entertainment Weekly revealed the cover for ‘Internment’ an upcoming release by New York Times Best Selling Author of LOVE HATE AND OTHER FILTERS, Samira Ahmed. Ahmed announced on her Instagram @sam_aye_ahm –

This story, set 15 minutes into a harrowing future America where Muslims are forced into Internment camps, has been emotionally difficult one to write especially as its starting to feel more and more like the world we are living in now. Still, when I see tens of thousands of Americans marching in the streets, when I see young people leading the way and calling out injustices, it gives me hope. And hope is in my book, too. And resistance.

I am really looking forward to this title as Eric Smith (Literary Agent) is a book loving hero of mine, everything he recommends or suggests is just incredible. You can read an excerpt from the upcoming release on the Entertainment Weekly website. I read the excerpt this morning and I am left wanting more! This story is going to be intense and summon up feelings of fear and hope and love. From reading what was released this morning this story is definitely going to be a hit!

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