Review Policy

The Eclectiophile Review/Requests Policy

I am currently not taking on reviews at the moment as I am currently overwhelmed with my current list to get through. I will notify you when I am open to reviews again! Please be patient and thank you for understanding! 


The Eclectiophile (Cat B.) accepts review requests/copies in the Young Adult, Contemporary, Thriller, Horror, Mystery, Crime, Science Fiction, Romance and True Crime. I accept review copies from large publishers, eBook publishers, and from requesting authors. However, I would prefer a book title that falls within my genre preference. Please use the contact form in the top menu bar on this web page or email me via

Whilst I will do my best to review books in a timely manner, in some cases, there might be a delay. Also, please be aware I cannot always review a book and do not review every book that I read. Most books that I do review are ones that I have purchased for myself. I do complete my reviews all unpaid and do not accept payment for a good review. I review all books with 100% complete honesty, so, unfortunately, there may be some books that I do not like. Please keep in mind that all reviews are entirely my opinion and our opinions may differ on somethings. Please hesitate from contacting me regarding a review of a poor performing book, I do enjoy my privacy to a certain extent!

I do accept Kindle/PDF versions of books as I have my Kindle prepped and ready to go! Although, I do like physical copies to showcase on my Instagram. They make for really pretty photos

If I happen to have a special guest on my blog or an interview posted about an author or public figure, they are doing so unpaid. I do not alter or change their submission, interview answers or quotes to gain positive feedback on my blog.

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